It will never happen to me.

No matter where you live there is always a chance for a disaster that will leave you without power, water and food. I am not telling you to go out and become a doomsday prepper. I'm just saying that no matter where you are you need to have a plan.

Think about where you live. Now look at the list below and determine which type of emergency could happen to you. I put an X next to the ones I have to consider.

Wildfires X
Tornadoes X
Home Fires X
Blackouts X
Biological Threats X

That is quite a few for me. Most I can just stay at home. Wildfires might require evacuation. So I plan accordingly and keep an emergency bag in the car and a bag inside that could be grabbed on my way out the door.

The most common statement is "This happens to other people. I never thought it would happen to me." Have you heard people say that on the news during an interview? I have, many times. I used to think the same way. FEMA recommends a 3 day supply of food and water. That should really just be a starting point. During Hurricane Katrina and Sandy people were without power for much longer than 3 days. Most large disasters do take more than 3 days to reach everyone.

Now consider this. Think back to what you paid for food 3 years ago. It was less than what you pay now. Anything you buy today beats inflation of tomorrows prices. Think of it as investing in food. Food that is in your hands, not some bank waiting to be handed out. Or worse yet, not at all.

Building your food supply.
There are many ways to build your food supply. Buy a couple of extra food items each shopping trip. Canned foods, pasta, beans. Even if you spend an extra $5 a trip it will add up. You might be surprised how quickly it builds up. I buy both long and short term food.

When I first became interested in long term food storage I researched every long term food storage company there was. I don't have a large budget to just buy a few months of storage all at once. There was one company that let you make payments and once you paid a couple thousand dollars they would send you the food. Then I found Shelf Reliance! They let you set your budget AND ship food to you every month. It works by creating what is called the Q. You simply shop for everything that you want and need and add it to your Q. Then you go in and enter how much you can afford each month. As much or as little as you want. Each month they send you that amount of food. You can also change what they are sending if there is something you want right away. It was a perfect solution for my tight budget. Want to know more? You can email me or go to Shelf Reliance to see for yourself.

Ok, moving beyond food. This is a list floating around the internet and all are free to the public. I have not checked them all but I do know there is some very good information in some of them. Most are google documents.

Being prepared does not make you crazy, it simply makes you prepared.

FEMA has some great resources for beginners. 



First Aid



Misc. Manuals  


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