PTSD and Substance Abuse Research

I am working on a presentation that will be presented to Fort Hood General Milner and then through a chain to the Pentagon. I need help from you in the way of research.

I am going to be presenting the fact that soldiers are still not being properly diagnosed and treated when a mental health issue arises. By the time a soldier realizes they need help the problem could be more than the soldier can handle which often times leads to suicide. The Chain of Command probably would not even notice or recognize many of the problems a soldier is already having.

I want to present that because PTSD goes unnoticed for so long that when poor conduct appears it should be taken into consideration when a soldier is counseled.

I want to present that PTSD and Substance Abuse{drugs and/or alcohol} treatment need to be combined for soldiers with both problems. (Which is quite common.) I want to show that without both being treated together there is a high chance of relapse. Often causing more problems for an already troubled soldier.

I want to present that PTSD affects each person that has it in different ways. Although the guidelines for a diagnosis will remain the same, not everyone will experience all the symptoms and not all will abuse substances.

I want to present that soldiers seeking mental health treatment need a better form of triage to determine who is most at risk. When we go to an emergency room, the person with a broken toe which is not life threatening will have to wait longer even if they were there before the person that just walked in having a heart attack. The same should hold true for soldiers seeking mental health care. Beyond putting someone that is immediately suicidal into an inpatient facility.

Here is where you come in. I want stories. All information will be confidential. You do not need to use your names or give any contact information. I just want to hear from you. I don't care what your rank is, if you are active, retired. I just want to know if you (or someone you love) has dealt with any of the presentation points above. The email address is

If you do not have the problem would you share the post with someone who might? To the civilian world this may seem like it shouldn't be an issue. I promise you, it is. So please, spread the word to help soldiers facing this problem.

Meanwhile, I will be researching and educating myself even more. This is perhaps the mission in life that I have been given. I knew it was to help soldiers, I just didn't know the capacity.


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