Progress for WTU Soldier with Dementia....maybe

I tend to speak in Army acronyms so I am going to try to explain them as I go along from now on.
The WTU or WTB provides command and control, primary care and case management for Soldiers in transition to establish conditions for healing and to promote the timely return to the force or transition to continue serving the Nation as a Veteran in their community.

Now, on to the updates.

My husband's nurse case manager spoke up for us to keep him off EMMO since I take care of all of his medications. I'm assuming her taking a stand worked because he has not been notified that he has to start it. *EMMO is Education Medication Management and I have no idea what the O is. It means a soldier has to go to the pharmacy every day to pick up a days supply of mediation. Tell the person what they are and why they are taking them.

I met with the Brigade Commander yesterday and gave him all the evidence and supporting documents. I feel the meeting went very well. I was told I would start getting answers by Monday. We actually go back already tomorrow morning, Friday the 28th to meet with him again. That seems fast and worries me that decisions were being made in haste. However I presented a very strong case with definitive evidence so we will see.

I do believe there are people at WTU that are trying to help and that at least make an attempt to understand this disease that they have never had to deal with. I also believe that the Company Commander wants to be effective but in dealing with his own personal losses he is taking issues out on good Soldiers. Others helped me to see that and I have to agree that it makes sense. I just couldn't understand how someone that was so kind 2 months ago suddenly became a person that punishes and harasses a soldier.

I am not sure what the issue is with the Brigade Surgeon as he has never even examined my husband or spoke to him. He denied his SCAADL and "Expired" all of the profiles that had a dementia diagnosis on them. One of the requests that I made to the Brigade Commander were that those profiles were reinstated and that the Brigade Surgeon was to no longer be involved in the medical care and decisions pertaining to my husband. The Brigade Commander did seem very concerned about this issue and I believe headway was made this morning at least pertaining to the SCAADL.

*SCAADL=Special Compensation for Assistance with Activities of Daily Living*

I also made a request for a transfer to a CBWTU. *Community Based Warrior in Transition Unit* That would allow my husband to move home. There are three criteria that have to be met. One is out of reach but the Commander told me it was possible to get around. There is still hope.

I think the Commander was shocked when I was reading my list of reprisals and said that our off post home had been searched twice. He did not say anything but his body language did. I am certain he knew nothing of those searches and did not approve.

There are people on my husbands care team that are not Cadre of WTU that are simply amazing and they do stick their necks out for the proper care and treatment. However, all decisions are ultimately left up to the Commander. Since most of the Cadre are not people with medical backgrounds I think that puts our wounded and sick soldiers in a bad position with people that know little to nothing about their conditions making decisions for these soldiers. Commanders that go against the advice of Doctors because it's not what they want to see or they refuse to acknowledge.

By rejecting my husband's profile, thus his disease it opened them up to bring UCMJ action against my husband and gave them the ability to separate him under less than honorable to dishonorable conditions. I have since received a letter from one Doctor now that states what his profile stated. The letter does not have to be approved by the Brigade surgeon. The letter simply exists. They cannot take that away from us.

*UCMJ=The Uniform Code of Military Justice is the foundation of military law in the United States.*

I also requested that my husband be taken off high-risk status which requires 7 days a week accountability. He was low-moderate risk before this fiasco started. Their protocol seems a bit warped on this and even if the nurse case manager, social worker etc don't put him on high-risk the Commander still can. Again, the Commander (non-medical) can do pretty much whatever he wants.

We are hoping that tomorrow brings positive changes. I don't expect all my requests to be met to the letter. At best I am hoping for compromise. I have very little belief left of what I thought WTU was there for. I will withhold final judgement for now to see if the right thing is done.


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