It trickles down.

I AM raising my voice about the care and treatment that my husband is receiving. I will continue to raise my voice. For whatever reason they want a definitive diagnosis. I'm sorry they will have to wait until he is dead to get it! Progressive dementia regardless of etiology is all basically the same. There may be one or two variables among them or they may be identical. It simply should not matter what TYPE it is. Period! 

I cannot tell you how upsetting it is that I keep hearing "they haven't completely ruled out this or that." Ya think? They probably never will until his brain gets sent to Harvard for additional studies after I no longer have him. Hopefully long after he is out of the Army. 
Reference the picture above now. See how that works? It is very sad that the one person that does see my husband and who is also a good by the book NCO does what he is told is catching grief for me speaking out for my husband. He is catching grief because I am upset about the searches in our home. These searches are contained to the kitchen. This is MY territory and I become very upset when anyone touches my kitchen much less a person that is not much more than an acquaintance to me. Regardless, these searches are unnecessary and intrusive. I do not blame the Squad leader for doing what he is told to do. I simply want to know WHO told him to do it and WHERE is the directive or memorandum to do these searches. 

I have no issue with home visits. Stop by whenever you like. Well, give me 15 minutes notice at least. His squad leader does do that. It's not a surprise. The point being get out of my private life. Since WTU I can honestly say I do not feel that I have privacy any longer. They want to know my Doctors appointments, they search my kitchen, come into my home on very short notice. Yes, these are also my husbands things but I am not in the Army. 

All of this with my husband is madness. It makes no sense in the world why they won't accept his diagnosis from THREE different doctors. It is what it is. They need to accept it and deal with it. We have. What do they have to gain by denying his diagnosis? 

No missed appointments. He is where he is supposed to be when he's supposed to be there. He has (with my help) completed all administrative paperwork in a very timely manner. 


Yes, I did scream that. I needed to scream. 

Is it because that explains his weird behavior over the last two years? His impulse issues with alcohol? His sleep issues? Anxiety attacks? Hallucinations? Getting lost while driving?  

Stop pointing fingers at the lower levels and my husband and start taking responsibility for not knowing about his illness and start to make things right. 

**I know there are people reading and following. I know you express your concerns on Facebook or private messages. I need you to help me speak out. Comment how you feel or what your reaction is. I know the comment form can be a hassle because of Captcha's but if they are not in place then the blog gets too much spam and I don't want that for you.**


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