More shootings.

My heart is with those killed and wounded in the April 2 Fort Hood shootings. It is with all soldiers and families here. Shootings like this do not just affect those immediately involved. It affects the entire community in one way or another. 

When a person goes to work they never expect something like this and it can be hard to fathom that this is not the first time. 

Our soldiers across the county that are suffering from any type of mental health issue need better treatment. Not just medical treatment but fair treatment from those in Command. 

The shooter had a wife and young child that also remain in my thoughts today. Some families are planning funerals, some staying near their injured loved one. 

Don't judge the situation, we may never know what really happened.
There has been a great deal of talk about letting our soldiers carry weapons while on post. 

This is not a war zone. This is their place of employment. Do all of you carry guns to work? 

What these soldiers need other than carrying weapons with them at all times is better and faster access to mental health care. When and if they receive that care they need better treatment from their Command and their peers. They need Commanders that don't ostracize them or make their lives harder because they do not understand their issues.

Until the stigma is gone these types of incidences could get worse.

That being said I am a firm believer in my right to bear arms. I just don't think it's a viable solution to the military's mental health issues.


I agree. I believe it puts not only the soldiers in harms way but everyone else also.

I totally agree.

I don't see it as a either or, I see both. Should the mental heath care be better ,YES. All the care for our troops should be better. Should all the troop carry arms,NO . But I feel that there should be more that do. As for this being a war zone, well I guess that would depend on how you define war zone. For years I have been sick of how our country treats or military .

We have new concealed carry that says you can take your weapon into bars and onto school grounds, pretty much wherever you want. When I visit doctor offices I see a decal saying no guns in here. But there's also no penalty for not following that rule. Most folks around here, also a military community (Ft. Bragg) think it is terrific. What I see happening is not what I expected. It is that in any sort of confrontation a "good guy with a gun" must assume he's facing off with a bad guy WITH A GUN so they shoot first... knowing very few questions will be asked later. Stand your ground is one thing, preemptive murder is another. Robin I think you should send your message to the newspaper, make it a comment on news station blogs and your blogs. The system is so deeply flawed and it isn't just the military, this attitude towards mental health is pervasive.

I totally agree its time for serious changes in the way the military treats the soldiers

Change needs to start at the top ! All Americans need to change how they perceive our men and women in the service.

Well said Robin.

I would have to agree that this is "war zone." Just a different type of war that we have to fight FOR our soldiers. Very good point.


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