The Warrior Spouse

I have spent the last few years fighting for my husband to get the treatment and care that he deserves. I turned to many many organizations and people that said they were there to help. Sadly, most of the time I was let down. They would be sympathetic and caring yet know one gave advice on where to call or how to proceed.

I created The Warrior Spouse on Facebook as just a place someone can go to ask questions or find information. The page is for all caregivers, not just spouses. It is for active duty military and veterans. We just left the active duty side and I am now muddling my way through the VA side of things. It is a huge confusing world of paperwork and denials.

As Caregivers we get a heap of things piled on our plates and it gets overwhelming. Not being able to know the next steps make it even harder. I would like to see Caregivers come together to help each other. Do not wait for someone to do it for you. Actively seek out the next steps, even if you don't know what they are.

Together we can help each other and hopefully someday ease the burden for future caregivers. We may not know the answer but I bet someone can steer you in the right direction to get where you need to go.

If you, or someone you know is struggling with the systems please join us and spread the word.

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