My Follow-up on Injured Heroes, Broken Promises

NBC 5 Dallas and Dallas News team did a great job of investigating. Eva Parks, Scott Friedman, Peter Hull, David Tarrant and Vernon Bryant. Thank you all for your compassionate and detailed investigation. I met four of them personally and one via messaging. They are all wonderful, caring people. I hope to meet the fifth soon.

Anyone that can get Mikey to come out of his safe zone gets an extra star in my book. The night that Vernon (Dallas photographer) was here he wasn't going to come out. But he did. It turned into one of the best nights we had had in a very long time. Mikey is funny. I mean really funny. Vernon took the joking and threw it back. Yes, it was a very good night. It was so nice to see the Mikey I remember so well even if it was for a short time. Scott, David and Peter all put us at ease so quickly. It was truly easy to forget that they were doing an interview. We gave them our full trust.

Alright, personal stuff aside. I am so angry at the unwillingness of the leaders to admit this is a REAL problem. I also understand it can be hard to admit there are problems.

My goal is to gather all the stories I can and go to Washington. Yes, that won't happen overnight. No, the past can't be changed. The future can though. The only way to make that change is to do something. I can't sit and do nothing. I know I have allies. I know there are people inside the WTU and at the Pentagon that care. It is a matter of rallying all the people that DO care to get policy changes made, then to make sure the new policies are adhered to.

I also still stand on the belief that they need more medical people in leadership positions at the WTU.

I'm tired of leadership sugarcoating everything. Saying it's not a pervasive problem. It doesn't have to be pervasive to BE a problem. What's that saying? If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck then it's a duck. So let's call a duck a duck here. I've always loved this one, "it's just a disgruntled spouse." Good way to ensure I won't go away is to name call. They need to come up with some better lines and quit using the same old tired ones over and over. This can no longer be explained away.

All that being said I want to add it's not just the WTU leadership. It was Army leadership. It was the stigma of mental illness and it meaning that a soldier is weak. They can sit back and say all day this is not allowed. It may not be allowed but it is there. There are many things that are not allowed but they happen anyway.

This mess started long before WTU. It is a mentality the leaders have. I know the investigation had to be focused and it would be impossible to uncover all the issues throughout the Army that soldiers face. I know our entire story alone spanned almost 3 years, there is no way to fit that into a small news segment. I just wanted to throw that in there for myself.

There were also so very many people that did try to help. They wanted the right thing to happen. Some were able to provide real help, most had their hands tied. The medical side, the side that should matter the most meant very little to the Army side. This is where the problem was.

I want to go over part bit by bit and discuss it, clarify what they didn't have time to say. I will in time. But please feel free to ask questions or make comments.

The following will show my true lack of talent when it comes to embedding or doing anything fancy like that. Here are the links to all the different stories these investigators did. I have them set to open in a new window but the embed links just wouldn't work.

NBC5 Dallas

Segment 1 HERE

Segment 2 HERE (You will see our story more in this one but please watch them all.)

Interactive page HERE

This one is a segment that aired on Lone Star Politics. Starts at 10m 30s. Click HERE.

These are from Dallas News

Part 1 HERE 

Part 2 HERE 

Another segment about the complaints and responses HERE 

And one more HERE

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