Why Do Soldiers Matter So Little to America?

The night the first news story came out about Injured Heroes, Broken Promises was the same night that a grand jury decided not to indite a cop for shooting someone. That was more important than the many lives that are lost to suicide from the neglect of the Army each year. Yes. I put the blame directly on the Army. When my husband had a gun to his head and it still took three months to get an appointment with a psychiatrist I can say that. Not to mention the 22 suicides a day by veterans.


Then there's football.
Thousands of hits the night the story aired compared to hundreds the story got. 

Another Grand Jury didn't indict someone else.

Then there are more riots.

Army/Navy game.

The final Colbert Report.

I shouldn't be writing right now. I'm mad as hell at what our society finds so important. The fact that these soldiers and veterans volunteered to protect our freedoms is of little to no concern to most. It does not affect you. It is no longer interesting. You think someone else will take care of it. Guess what? They're not!

There are so many veteran or soldier organizations that are raising money for this or that. I have reached out to many for help to only be ignored. The CEO of Wounded Warrior Project makes $311,000 a year but the organization has no time to talk to me? That is just one example. Where does all the money go that these non-profits make from grants and donations if not to helping soldiers and veterans? It doesn't take much googling to find information on these charities and how exorbitant salaries can be included as their percentage of funds goes to programs.

I'm not even asking for money. That's the crazy part. All I want is awareness and change in the military for wounded warriors. All I want personally is my One Wish for my husband. Why are these groups so unwilling to share and disseminate information that is there? What are they afraid of? Are they so closed minded that they can only focus on one thing at a time. IAVA does great work like pushing for the Clay Hunt Suicide Act. One Texas IAVA spokesperson made a statement in support of Injured Heroes, Broken Promises but that is the last I've heard of it. That little tiny piece on the news. What many offer are retreats or training. I am certain that many are helped but there are some out there that get no help. They don't fit into the niche market these organizations are targeting.

So here is the problem. These organizations are for veterans. NOT active duty. Active duty are simply left to their own devices and we all assume that they have more help than they need with unlimited resources. That thinking is wrong and needs to be changed. I am not the only one that sees this. There just aren't enough of us to get people to sit up and listen.

Mikey once told me he hated facebook because it was so unintelligent. He said something about the lowest common denominator. I didn't get it at first. So I watched and posted different types of stories. Humor. Murder. Mayhem. Causes. Health. I tried many different angles. Posts that were stupidly funny get the most attention. Murder and mayhem are right up there. Health is a pretty low because no one really cares about what YOU are going through because they have their own issues. Then there are causes. Causes are the bastard child of Facebook. We all have one and no one seems to care. Unless you do something crazy like pour a bucket of ice over your head. Not that ALS is unimportant. I lost someone very dear to ALS. I'm just wondering what it does take to get people's attention.

It takes celebrity. Gary Sinise is supposed to be big into helping soldiers. Montel Williams too. I tried. No response. They really don't have time to deal with an issue this big do they?

When these soldiers or veterans reach out for help, they need it now. It takes a great deal for them to ask. They shouldn't be cast aside onto a waiting list. When a family member reaches out, pleading for help it means they have exhausted all their options and need YOU to step up and do something. When someone asks me for help I find a way no matter how busy I am. I can't do much. I can give them numbers to call and ear to talk to. But I do SOMETHING. I wonder what I could do if I were a celebrity?

I'm tired of lip service. Sitting here in my living room there is nothing I can do. I am a nobody with a big mouth. I won't shut my mouth until there is change or I die. I realize that soldiers make up less than 1% of the population. But that small number is the number that of people that give all American's their freedom. What would we do and where would we be without them? When is America going to start caring?

Just one of so very many wounded soldiers. RIP 2-8-15


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