Been busy-Have your cake and eat it too.

Occasionally someone asks me to make a decorated cake for some occasion. My hands aren't nearly what they used to be 20 years ago. Perhaps if I did more cakes I would regain the youthful strength.

I didn't have much time to get this together. I usually like to have plenty of notice so I can plan and really find out what the person is looking for.

This project started as strawberry cupcakes (that I still have to decorate) and then a sheet cake was added because the person is afraid 40 cupcakes won't be enough. 

I am not a decorator that you will ever find on television but I can do a fair job with a cake that tastes much better than store bought. The cakes are white with a strawberry cake marble. They are getting frosted with white buttercream frosting and pink borders.

Round cakes are SO much easier to do borders on.
I stuck toothpicks around the edges so when I cover the cake the frosting won't get squashed.

I searched three stores to find some kind of topping for the cake. I finally found this pink snow globe with a baby carriage inside. I could not put this unpacked store bought trinket on a cake with washing it. Who knows how many hands have held it! Washing it chipped some of the paint though.

I think it worked out alright though.

The finished hurry up and get it done cake. Not too bad considering it's been a long time since I've decorated a cake.

Here are some pictures of the last cakes I made. No, I do not use all edible things on my cakes. I also don't think fondant tastes very good and have never bothered learning to use it. Although I did use some in the groomscake pictured below.

This one was really fun and a combined effort with my mom, sister and myself. My brother loves the outdoors so what better groomscake? The river is made with sparkly gel. The rocks are chocolate candies and the path is crushed Oreos.

The wedding cake was enormous and I was so afraid that all the kids running around an bumping the table were going to make it crash and splatter all over the place. Luckily it only leaned a little, even with tons of support dowels.
The flowers were made from royal icing and brushed with edible pink glitter. I believe I used over 10 bags of powdered sugar to frost this thing. Wow!