Chaos Pays A Visit

I might have mentioned on my Facebook page this week something about chaos.

I like to be challenged off and on. I also love my ruts. Ruts are good. They are peaceful. There is never anything unexpected in my ruts.

I can go long periods of time and never think twice when I'm there. The house is clean. It's quiet. I have plenty of "me" time. I know what is going to happen next and at what time.

Occasionally Chaos pays a visit. When Chaos arrives, he doesn't knock quietly and come in for a cup of coffee. He disrupts every single part of my daily life. I need structure. Schedules. Timelines. I need to know what happens next. Chaos doesn't see it that way.

Chaos can appear sweet and innocent.

Sometimes you just know that chaos will be there and can't stop it.
And while this chaos is happening you have everyone around you wondering why you're so stressed.

And before it's all over with you feel like this:
Soon Chaos will be taking his leave. It's not just him, he brought along Chaos Sr and Chaos Jr too! But until then my life will be crazy.