Pantry Re-Do End Day 1

That was a lot of moving things around! At the same time I was moving things I was taking a current inventory as I put it all back on the shelves. That made it take a little more time. I do have a very detailed inventory list already but it still took time to update. (Now I just have to transfer my numbers to the computer.)

Here is a picture diary of today. What remains is making shelves for the canned foods you see on the table. That is going to be a while, so for now I will be happy with what I did get done.

One Cleared

Stuff from first shelf. No room left for second shelf. Hmmm.

Instead of working from right to left I worked left to right.

I see a clearing!

All put together.
Still have to make shelves for home canned foods.

I love seeing all the food preserved.

Love my labels!
Labels and half gallon Mason jars. Heaven.

Still had room for some of my small appliances. Hooray!


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