Pinterest Test- Baking Soda and Peroxide Cleaner

Here is something I pinned on Pinterest. It sure makes that pan look pretty doesn't it?

Today I tried it out.

As you will see my results were not at all like that! It takes about a cup of baking soda to cover the pan and it doesn't just wipe off looking that pretty.

Mix baking soda and peroxide together to make a paste.

Here is the pan I am starting with. Note this is not the back and the pan is very well used.

Cover the area with a thin layer of your paste.

After 1 hour.

After 2 hours.

This is one corner that I just wiped it off.

This is the result after scrubbing for five minutes with a green scratch pad. 

The end product is better and for a pan that is not as old as mine it might work quite well.

Is it worth it? Not to me. Besides, my cookware is functional and doesn't need to shine. It simply needs to give a good end result.


Thanks!!! Great work on this post.