Why the change?

I don't spend 100% of my time in the kitchen. Most of it yes, but not always cooking up something that fit into the blog.

A sweet friend of mine was over the other day and I was showing her some of the things in my refrigerator and she said, "You need to blog about this stuff! Share it with everyone!" And that's why the change.

If I include more of the things that I do, more of a journal type blog with pictures, ideas, recipes, patterns, etc you will get a better idea of who I am and you might just learn some neat tricks to use for yourself.

Coming up soon is a counter full of fresh produce and how I keep it fresh or preserve it for future use. Really, what family of two can eat three heads of lettuce before it wilts and turns brown and slimy?

The blog will also include my home business "Robin's Kitchen" and posts about "Shelf Reliance." The blog also contains affiliate links that if clicked on I make a penny or two a day.

Frugal tips, couponing hints and tricks, household cleaning hints, cooking and on and on. You might not like all the posts but I think by expanding what I'm doing it will be more interesting to everyone. You might also see the design and layout changing a bit until I find the perfect one that fits who I am.

So stick around and get to know me.