Chore Box - Home Managment Part 3

The idea behind my chore box is to keep me focused. With very little attention span and short term memory loss it's hard to stay in one area. Without my box I find myself wandering from room to room. That is a waste of my time and energy. (I never have enough of either!) It is always best to focus on one room before moving to the next. If I find something in the room I'm working on that belongs in another it goes into a box to be taken there when I'm done.

The box is divided into sections. Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday

Each section has three colored cards in it. Yellow cards are daily chores. Orange cards are weekly chores. Green cards are monthly/quarterly chores.

Each card has one chore on it. I give it an estimated time to complete, some take no where near the time I've assigned. I might put details on the card in case there is someone helping me and not sure how I do a certain thing.

Weekly cards have the day of the week written on them.

Monthly cards have a week number on them. I used a four week system so if the month has 5 weeks you will get one week with no weekly chores.

Not only does this system keep me focused as I complete a card it gets refiled. Either in the next day for daily chores or back in it's daily slot for weekly chores. I start out with this large deck of cards and soon it's halfway gone, then I'm down to one or two cards then there are none left. It's like a game played with yourself and gives you a greater sense of accomplishment.

There is a "Skipped" box on each card. This box is for those days you just don't have time or energy or it just really isn't dirty. Use sparingly and if it's checked the next time it comes around make sure to do it or whatever it is can and will get out of control. 

I have no children at home to help with the work so this is all on me. However, if you do have children at home it would be great for them too. Hand them a few cards or have special cards for their own chores.

Menu planning coming soon!