Menu Planning and Review Home Management pt 4

It's 2PM and you are still trying to figure out what to have for dinner. That's me at least. Unless I have a plan.

A weekly menu plan serves several purposes for me.
1. I don't have to think each day what we'll have.
2. It saves trips to the store because I have already purchased what I need.
3. It saves time.
4. It saves money. Less trips to the store = less impulse purchases.

I had been using just a blank monthly calendar that was on a tear off pad. I ran out of those and have just been winging it with the "2PM OMG what's for dinner?" Printspiration was looking for someone to do reviews and I volunteered. She has so many things to choose from but the one that popped out was the menu planning!

Pretty design (customizable too) and easy to use. It is a one time purchase and you can print as often as you like. Even better, save your ink and paper and place the sheet into a glass frame and use dry erase markers to make your menu. I chose a frame that was simple and I could set on the fridge so anyone walking by would know what we are having and in the morning I know what to get ready for dinner.

To sweeten the deal the wonderful lady at Printspiration is offering my readers a 20% discount on your order when you use coupon code: ROBIN

How great is that? Make sure you bookmark her site. As I go through the home management book you will find that she has many of the pages in my book available to print to save yourself the hassle of making your own or figuring out how to do spreadsheets.

Back to menu planning.

I make a long list of all the foods we eat for dinner. I don't plan lunch and breakfast because we usually don't eat them and if we do it's just whatever is in the fridge.

Take that long list and break it up into sections. IE: Beef, pork, chicken etc. The reason for that is as you're planning your week you don't want to group the same foods over and over again.

After you have your list divided, pick one from each section to add to your weekly menu. Repeat if you don't have 7 sections.

I will plan two weeks at one time, checking against my food inventory to see what I need to buy. Using the menu plan from Printspiration I can just jot it down in the right hand column. After I'm done I see exactly what I need to get. 

Don't be scared. Go ahead, try it. You'll be amazed how much it simplifies your life.