Homemade Universal Coffees

It is no secret that I love coffee. I drink coffee all day long. Nothing fancy, other than my creamer and sweetener. There are occasions that I like to add a little variety and flavor. (Usually in the afternoons and evenings.)

I also prefer to make my own coffees at home and save the money that all the coffee shops want to charge. Still, coffee itself is expensive. Finding ways to indulge and still be economical can be tricky. I've found a few and here is my newest favorite.

You know those little cans of instant flavored coffee you can buy? They cost so much that I never buy them even though I love them. How about if you could make almost 5 cups of the mix at home for the price of one tiny can? Well, I didn't do the math because I had everything on hand. Maybe it's the cost of two cans but still a frugal way to enjoy this treat.

Universal Rapture Coffee 

  • 2/3 c. Instant Coffee - Regular or Decaf
  • 2 c. Dry Milk Powder
  • 1 c. Dry Coffee Creamer (use the same flavor as the pudding mix for extra punch)
  • 2/3 c. Sugar or Sugar Substitute equivalent
  • 1 small box Instant Pudding Mix any flavor you like (see suggestions at bottom)
That is just the base. You can get really creative with this. Add a box of raspberry (or strawberry etc.) jello to the base made with chocolate fudge pudding. Add cinnamon or other spices. I just started playing with this recipe so I don't have measurements. I would say to start with a little, try it and adjust. You can add more but you can't take it away.

I tossed everything into a bowl and turned from bottom up to mix. 

That's the instant milk. See how fine it is?

If I would have been thinking I would have just put everything into the canister and shook it to mix.

Pour all ingredients into a food processor if you wish a finer powder. (The instant milk from Shelf Reliance that I use is already a fine powder so I didn't have to follow the step in the original recipe. Check out my store if you are interested in this milk. It is SO much better tasting than powdered milk.) The dry milk tends to dissolve faster if it's finer than the granular texture that it is out of the box from powdered milk. Pulse or run with the blade for 30 seconds or until mix is the texture you want.
Makes up to 5 c. Lasts indefinitely in air tight container. I used my empty coffee creamer canister to store most of mine. I put some in a small container to keep handy in the kitchen.
I think if I had used regular powdered milk it would have had more volume and made 5 cups.
To use:
Add 3-5 teaspoons (as per your flavor preference) to your mug. Add hot water.
Everything dissolved very nicely.

I like strong coffee so I'm glad I decided to add more.

Possible pudding flavors include:
    Banana Cream
    Banana Cream Sugar Free/Low Calorie
    Butterscotch Sugar Free/Low Calorie
    Cheesecake Sugar Free/Low Calorie
    Chocolate Sugar Free/Low Calorie
    Chocolate Cook & Serve Sugar Free/Low Calorie
    Chocolate Fudge
    Chocolate Fudge Sugar Free/Low Calorie
    Coconut Cream
    Devil’s Food
    French Vanilla
    Lemon Sugar Free/Low Calorie
    Oreo Cookies ‘n Crème
    Pistachio Sugar Free/Low Calorie
    Pumpkin Spice (probably seasonal)
    Vanilla Sugar Free/Low Calorie
    White Chocolate
    White Chocolate Sugar Free/Low Calorie

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