Pinterest Test- Remove Ink from Plastic

I save my plastic containers. I find they are much cheaper to send food in since I will probably never see them again. I never thought they would be of much use for anything else with 'Sour Cream' or 'Cottage Cheese' printed on them. Along with nutrition info and whatever else the manufacturer wants on them.

Wouldn't it be nice if that ink would just wash off? Then they would be more useful. They could be relabeled and used for storing all those little things that clutter up drawers.

Along comes this pin:


Of course I have to try it.

The key here is to have acetone nail polish remover. Read carefully because most of what you find is acetone free. I got my bottle at Sally's I believe. Or not. It was probably from Walmart. I've had it forever because I rarely wear nail polish anymore.

I grabbed a couple of cotton balls and doused one with the acetone. I started to rub the ink. Nothing was happening. Darn!
Just when I thought it wasn't going to work (which in reality was just seconds) a spot cleared.
Just like that. It must take the acetone a few seconds to absorb through the ink. Once it did the rest came off with no effort leaving me with an ink free plastic container.
I love it when pins work!