Reversible Bag - Quick and Easy

I love reusable bags! I don't use them just for grocery shopping either. They come in handy for anything that needs to be carried from one place to another.

Some stores started selling pretty reusable bags. I had to have some.  They also came with a pretty price tag that I thought was silly when something like that could be made at home.

I went on a quest to find the perfect pattern for a reusable bag. I've made several from patterns I found but knew there had to be a better, easier way. Armed with a few ideas from previous bags, this is what I came up with.

Bonus: It can be made in under an hour!!

4 fat quarters - 2 each matching patterns
40 inches of matching 1" webbing

1. Cut webbing into 2-20" pieces. Quickly run a flame over the ends to seal the webbing to prevent raveling.

2. Square up the fat quarters. You should end up with pieces that are 18"x21". Cut them together so all layers match or you could end up with bunching during the final steps.
Uneven to show the two patterns.

3. Take two matching pieces, right sides together and sew three sides leaving one long edge open. Repeat with other set. (Oh MY!! I didn't get pictures of this step! I used a serger but you can use a regular machine with a 5/8" seam allowance. For extra strength you can go back and zigzag the edges if desired.)

4. Fold under 3/4" of the unsewn edge and press on both pieces.

5. Turn one piece right side out.

6. Fold the other piece and insert into piece that is right side out. Once inserted, straighten the inner piece so it lays flat inside the outer piece. (This is where you will see the reversible pattern.)

7. Match and pin only at the seams.

8. On one side of both layers, measure in 5 inches and pin. Slide the webbing in one inch snug to the pin. The outer edge of the webbing will be at 6 inches. Pin through the three layers.

9. Repeat for the remaining three ends of webbing. After I finished the first side I just lined up the other and eliminated the measuring.

10. Now pin, pin, pin the remaining edges making sure they are all even.
(Again, no picture. I'm terrible!)

11. Edge stitch all the way around the top.

12. For added strength I made an X box on the ends of the handles. Not really sure what's it's called or the exact proper technique but I did my best.

13. You are done! You now have a very useful reversible bag.

Soon I will post how to make handles if you don't have webbing and how to use yardage if you don't have fat quarters or just want to use up some fabric.

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