What does that cord go to?

If I ever had to live without electricity I would be miserable! I could do it. I know how. I just wouldn't want to. So many of my kitchen conveniences require electricity.

Electricity generally requires a cord to move the energy from one place to another. Outlets. Something that whomever designed my kitchen must have felt were overrated and didn't put enough in. Toaster, coffee maker, microwave, ice maker, deep fryer, can opener, Aerogarden, Food Saver, oil warmer, stereo, mixer, blender, juicer, rice cooker, slow cooker and on and on. I don't keep all that on my counter. Hmm, okay. I keep a good deal of that on my counter because it gets used daily. Or multiple times a day.

I can't remember the guys name, I wasn't really watching the show but I remember it was on Rachel Ray. I never watch her show, I guess I was immersed in something else and just didn't change the channel. He was talking about tips for organizing. The one that caught my attention was about cords.

Use the little bag tags that come of certain items from the store. Mine came from potatoes and quilt batting. I still plan on collecting more to tag all my cords. I used the first three I found on my problem outlet that I leave my Aerogarden plugged into, but rotate the other outlet with all my small appliances.

With a permanent marker, label what each cord goes to and snap onto the cord. Now I won't accidentally unplug the Aerogarden. Have a little patience and let the ink dry before you snap them on or they smear like mine did.

Now I have to patiently wait for more (many more) of these little tags to find their way into my home.