I am who I am.

I am giving by nature. Yes, I have been hurt because of that. Yes, I still get hurt all the time. Does that stop me from being giving? No. Because I believe in people. I am so thankful to have found a husband that feels the same way.

Yes, we have to rein each other in occasionally. We both have hearts that want to do everything possible to help another person. Sometimes it's just not possible. So we talk about what is possible and what is reasonable.

We don't give to others to gain their friendship. If a friendship develops then that is a great thing. Sadly I have learned that many people disappear if the shoe is on the other foot. If an illness is involved it seems people fade away into the woodwork. I want to believe it is because they don't know what to say or what to do. In reality, all they really need to do is say hello once in a while.

I try to send postal mail to friends that I might know are in need. It's amazing what a friendly card can do to pick up someone's spirit. You might even get mail in return that will show you just how much you cheered someone up. I know this too because I have been the recipient of such mail, both ways.

I also open my home to people in need. It might be small and there might not be much room but I will stack people if I have to. It can be a financial burden but the rewards I feel by knowing I helped someone are far greater than those burdens. We don't get petty over small things. You should also be kind without the expectation of getting anything back in return. Expect nothing so when something good does happen you will be blessed. If you expect something and it's not what you expected you will always be disappointed.

The holiday's are almost here. There are so many people in need. It's simply not possible to help everyone. But if there is just one person that you can help make their day better you will be a better person for being the one to help. You shouldn't brag or boast about the person you helped. Just simply do something "quietly" to help out. A meal, a card, a gift, a phone call, text, email. Anything. Something. If you are struggling yourself there is still someone in greater need. So many things that can be given cost nothing.

I'm not saying to let people take advantage of you. If someone is working and they need a place to stay by all means they should help out. Why do I feel that way if I'm so giving? Because the person will gain self esteem by contributing. If it is someone that has never had responsibility it will in turn teach them how to have it. Take a chance, just don't be taken. If you get used by one it doesn't mean the next one will use you. We hit about 50/50 with people needed a hand up and those that are simply users. Still, we remain positive and keep helping others when we can.

My final thought is the old cliche, don't judge a book by it's cover. I have read so many good books that I might not have if I would have been turned off simply by it's looks. The same is certainly true of people. So, open the book. Get past the first couple of chapters and see how the story unfolds. Sometimes you can't finish the book (can't continue the friendship) and sometimes the book is the most amazing thing you could have ever held in your hands (my husband.)

I could probably continue to write so much more. When I am passionate about something, such as good will toward all mankind, my thoughts tend to ramble. So you tell me, what are some of the things you do to help out someone in need.