Seeking Co-Author/Moderator

I have tossed the idea around for a while about looking for a co-author on the blog and someone to help with Facebook and Google+.

As we are facing some life changes, I would like to find someone that does not currently have their own blog but has been interested in blogging or previously been a blogger. If you do have your own blog currently and just need more to keep you busy you can apply too.

Keep in mind that this is not a gourmet blog, simply a blog that anyone at home can make the recipes just as easily. It also covers issues that we face in our lives with the military. As the name implies, it's eccentric.

If that person was also a frugal cook and/or made simple healthy recipes that would be a bonus. Another bonus would be crafts, canning, frugal and household tips.

You would need to know how to upload pictures and be able to learn the format. One to two posts per week.

If you are interested in learning more you can email me and we will discuss further. EMAIL