Marshmallow Spaghetti??

No, no, not this kind....

Sometimes things happen that absolutely MUST be shared with the world. For those of you lucky enough to have ever heard Mikey tell one of his "stupid Mikey stories" will probably be able to imagine him telling this one. For those that haven't heard one of his stories you are missing out!

We have been busy lately. Very busy. We have been just eating when we feel like and rarely eat the same thing.

Last night Mikey asked for spaghetti for dinner. That was good because there was leftover sauce in the fridge and all I had to do was cook the noodles.

Which I did.

I left them on the stove for him to eat after he slept for a while.

This was mid evening.

A short while later I got tired and had a somewhat achy throat. Hot cocoa should do the trick. Hot cocoa with marshmallows even better.

Did you know that Kraft makes these cute little containers with the crunchy marshmallows in it? They are fantastic!! Now I can have homemade hot cocoa and still have the marshmallows in it that I love.

I make my hot cocoa and sprinkle my marshmallows into it. I then proceed to bed with my cocoa to watch tv and relax.

This activity woke Mikey up.

He questioned me about his spaghetti. I told him it was on the stove and the sauce was in the fridge. He went to the kitchen to fix his plate.

He got everything ready and proceeded to sprinkle......what he thought was Kraft parmesan cheese on his spaghetti.

What he didn't know was the container of cheese that he thought I was nice enough to leave out for him was ACTUALLY the Kraft marshmallows.

Imagine his frustration now as he's having to pick these tiny little marshmallows out of his spaghetti.

Now in his defense:
Both are made by Kraft,
both are exactly the same size,
both have the exact same type of lid and
the marshmallows look like cheese if you look at the bottom of the container and are fixing your plate in a semi-sleep state.

Here are pictures to prove it
Yes, the lid covers are different. However, it's not something that a man (er...sorry, not changing that) is probably going to notice. Okay, at least not my man. He trusts me so much that he has no need to double check a container. At least he used to trust me....


Ellie said…
I can see Mikey doing this. Too funny!!!!! Did he eat it anyway?