Alleviate Congestion With This Simple Meal

I get colds too much. I have my entire life. Not simple colds like normal people get. Mine start out easy then quickly become an infection. Sinus, bronchitis, pneumonia. Yuck! 

It's pretty miserable. I don't get sick as often as I used to but when I do there is one simple recipe that can clear you up, even if just for a short time.

Whenever we got a sniffle as kids we would get this for dinner. We never complained because we actually liked it. It was simple and effective and easy on our tummies. 

I'll tell you why it works after the recipe.


Here it is.

Cook some elbow macaroni until tender.
Add some milk.
Salt to taste.
Black Pepper. As much as you can handle.

The key ingredient is pepper. I'm a wimp and can't take much. The more the better so I use just a bit more than I can handle. I'm congested so it's easier to handle.

After the first few bites you will notice your congestion starting to loosen up. (You might not want to eat around others. You will also need a box of tissues handy.) 

I'm a milk addict but milk is actually bad when you are full of mucous. It generates more. However warm milk will help you rest and rest is good. If you want to forego milk there are simple alternatives.

Use chicken, vegetable or beef broth instead. Too easy.

Want to give it a little extra healing kick? Add just a touch of cayenne. I don't. Cayenne is far too hot for me but it's effectiveness can't be denied.

Why does this work? Piperine. 

You can actually buy commercially produced Piperine but it seems silly when it's so easy to just sprinkle some extra pepper on your food. 

For the really hardy or brave, simply chew on a couple of peppercorns. 

There are many health benefits of black pepper and someday soon I'll try to share more with you. Until then, just use more pepper.