Pinterest Test-Cleaning Grimy Disgusting Burner Trays

I do regularly clean the trays. Weekly or more often. But I can never get off the crud that is burned on. I kept telling myself next week I'll just buy new trays. Then I saw this pin:

Hey! Those look just like mine. Okay, let's give it a try. It's super easy to do.

Grab a heavy duty zipper bag. (Freezer grade would be best.) And put your trays in the bag.
I did two at a time because my stove is almost always in use. 

Add a splash of straight ammonia to the bag. **Hold your breath.** Quickly seal the bag. I put the time on mine because I have short term memory problems. The original pin said to leave for 24 hours.

I only left mine for 8 hours. I am impatient and figured if it wasn't enough I'd just put them back in.

I took a deep breath, with water running, opened the bag and turned it so all the ammonia would run down the drain, I left the water running over the trays while I quickly sealed the bag and put it in the trash. I used a Scotch green pad and dish soap to wash the burners off. The only place I actually had to scrub were in the creases. I didn't have to actually scrub, just run my fingernail across it and it all came right off.
Look at that!
The larger trays came quite clean, they look a little rough but they get used much more often. I think constant canning has taken it's toll on their prettiness.

So this is a Pinterest YES!

*CAUTION: Ammonia is strong and will burn your lungs and eyes if you inhale or stand in the fumes too long. My kitchen is pretty open but if you have a small or enclosed kitchen open windows or use a fan to dissipate the fumes. That being said, I have COPD and was able to hold my breath long enough to do what needed to be done and will use this method again.*


Ellie said…
This sounds interesting....
Anonymous said…

Anja knits:)
Anonymous said…
Awesome! Where would i get ammonia? :-)
I have no idea...
Robin said…
You will find ammonia in the cleaning section of the store.