Upcycled Box to Shelf

The Perpetual Journal Calendar was my first try at modpodge. It was fun and I was very pleased with the results. It also got me thinking about what other things I could make from a cardboard box.

One thing I lack is storage space in my craft room. I have stacks of material and facing piled on top of drawers that line the wall.
Yes, I could buy more plastic drawers but why not upcycle a used box? (I would not place anything too heavy on the shelf. I'm going to use that spot for interfacing.)

Made a shelf using duct tape.

Used scrapbook paper and homemade modpodge.
Homemade modpodge is simply 1 part Elmers Glue All and 1 part water mixed up. Paint a layer of modpodge on the box, place the paper on top and paint modpodge over the paper.

The finished shelf. I will try to get a better picture but I think it turned out rather pretty.
I could go one step further and spray polyurethane on the box but since it's not going to be exposed to any harsh elements I am going to leave it as is. Besides, I want to use it and painting it will make me have to wait another day or two.