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Iced Mocha Latte-FINALLY!

I know I have been gone lately. I confess it is VERY hard to cook when hubby is not around. It is far to easy to make the simple things or just get take out. Many years ago Burger King came out with a Mocha Joe. I was addicted! Then they changed and I do not like what they now call a Mocha Joe. I switched to Sonic's Iced Mocha Latte. They are good but depending on who makes it sometimes they are too thick and sweet. Starbucks? Well, I'm not a huge fan. Very overpriced for mediocre flavor. At least the flavor I was after. So for as many years that Mocha Joe came out I have been searching for a home recipe to save me the expense and driving to get one of these delightfully cold coffees. An unnamed person at my favorite BK up north told me how they make theirs (the original.) It involved their chocolate ice cream mix. That was a no go for brewing it up at home. I toyed with different methods and coffees and never could find what I liked. Until today. I am a coupon fanatic