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Points of Concern For Soldiers

There is a great deal of military speak in this, I will put in parenthesis what the acronym is when it appears the first time.) R and R would be correctly written as R ampersand R but Blogger won't let me use an ampersand. My areas of concern: 1)    PCP (Primary care provider) not immediately referring soldier to R and R (Resilience and Restoration Center)  or other resources when presenting with problems that could be both physical and mental health. IE: sleep disorders, sex drive, panic attacks 2)    TriCare referral system: PCP requests referral to psychiatrist for soldier; soldier waits approximately 2 weeks to receive paperwork in the mail; referred Doctor is booked for months out; Tricare cannot change the doctor; soldier has to return to PCP and restart the process (Soldier is still not referred to R and R) 3)    When a soldier that has never had a discipline problem or one that has always been a leader suddenly exhibits bad behavior that is out of their ch

PTSD and Substance Abuse Research

I am working on a presentation that will be presented to Fort Hood General Milner and then through a chain to the Pentagon. I need help from you in the way of research. I am going to be presenting the fact that soldiers are still not being properly diagnosed and treated when a mental health issue arises. By the time a soldier realizes they need help the problem could be more than the soldier can handle which often times leads to suicide. The Chain of Command probably would not even notice or recognize many of the problems a soldier is already having. I want to present that because PTSD goes unnoticed for so long that when poor conduct appears it should be taken into consideration when a soldier is counseled. I want to present that PTSD and Substance Abuse{drugs and/or alcohol} treatment need to be combined for soldiers with both problems. (Which is quite common.) I want to show that without both being treated together there is a high chance of relapse. Often causing more probl

Fighting a broken system.

I have been in a fight lately. A fight for someones life and livelihood. Not for myself. For an Army soldier. What I have learned in the past year is that the Army has really big talk for suicide prevention and treatment for PTSD but they have no desire to actually act on their big talk. What I have learned is that the Army chooses to punish soldiers with illness rather than deal with the issues at hand. This situation could have escalated because command changed so often that no one really knew who the soldier was. What I have learned is that the Army does not like to be told they are doing this. What I have learned is that when you point out the problem the Army punishes the soldier more. What I have learned is that the Army simply does not care about their Soldier. Here is a scenario. A soldier spends many years in the service. He gets awards for excellence and everyone goes to them whenever they need something done. For as many years the soldier has never been a disc

It will never happen to me.

No matter where you live there is always a chance for a disaster that will leave you without power, water and food. I am not telling you to go out and become a doomsday prepper. I'm just saying that no matter where you are you need to have a plan. Think about where you live. Now look at the list below and determine which type of emergency could happen to you. I put an X next to the ones I have to consider. Hurricanes Floods Earthquakes Wildfires X Tornadoes X Home Fires X Blackouts X Biological Threats X That is quite a few for me. Most I can just stay at home. Wildfires might require evacuation. So I plan accordingly and keep an emergency bag in the car and a bag inside that could be grabbed on my way out the door. The most common statement is "This happens to other people. I never thought it would happen to me." Have you heard people say that on the news during an interview? I have, many times. I used to think the same way. FEMA recommends a 3 day supply

Personal Pet Pillow

I have a little chihuahua that loves to burrow. Her favorite place to burrow are the pillows on the bed. Not just amongst the pillows, but IN the pillows. I don't mind really. Except when I so easily forget and throw a pillow off the bed to make it only to discover it contained this miniature dog.  She is usually buried all the way in, I just happened to catch these pictures when she was on the edge. I saw a pattern for a circular pillow and thought why not make her one of her own with a little cover that she can climb into. I stuffed it with the stuffing from an old pillow for two reasons. I didn't have a new bag and the scent she knows is already in there. There is no pattern, but really it's just a few circles all put together, stuffed and tied. I'll try to explain what I did through the pictures.  I found the biggest round bowl I could find, marked it and then added a few inches by just measuring out all around the circle. I did attempt to make a patte

DIY Spice Blend

I discovered a couple of places to buy spices super cheap. This makes me very happy for a couple of reasons. Cheap spices and buying in bulk. This also means that making my own spice blends will be cheaper and can be made in larger amounts. I'm not getting anything from these companies for mentioning them but I really loved what I ordered so I am simply sharing with you.  The first one was Marshall's Creek Spices and the second was My Spice Sage . Marshall's Creek has flat shipping with larger sizes. My Spice Sage has free shipping with an assortment of sizes. The selection is fantastic.  So I ordered every spice that I didn't have that was on the Mrs. Dash label. I have to tell you, there are SO many different things in Mrs. Dash! You'll see soon what I mean. Depending on how often you use these spices it might be a good project to do as a group with everyone pitching in.  I searched the internet for copycat recipes and they all varied quite a bi

Mikey's Beef Pot Roast and Veggies

This is one of our favorite meals. It does take some prepping but it is completely worth it. Serve it with some fresh bread and it can't be beat. This isn't the roast I grew up on. This is the roast that my amazing husband taught me to make. (My northern food is just too dry for him.) There is also no exact recipe. You have to make judgement calls by how many people you want to feed. The amount I made here is enough for four people and one meal or two people and two meals. (Probably a little more but we'll say that to be safe.) What you'll need: Carrots - 8 Potatoes - 6 Rutabaga -1 large or 2 small Onion - 1 medium Beef Chuck Roast - 2 pound Flour -  1 1/2 cups Corn starch - 2 tablespoons Salt Pepper Oil Beef bouillon - 2 cubes or 2 teaspoons Water - 1 1/2 quarts Peel your carrots. Peel and cut your rutabaga. Not sure how? Go HERE to see how easy it is. Peel and cut potatoes. These were fairly small so I just cut them in


I could post all kinds of scientific stuff about rutabaga here. Where it comes from, how it grows, what vegetable family it's in, etc. I won't. I will say this. If you have never had rutabaga it is one vegetable you want to at least try. It is cooked the same way as other root vegetables. Potatoes, turnips and carrots. You peel, cut and boil. I like my rutabaga just about any way it is served. I don't love many (most) vegetables. I simply tolerate them. This one though I could eat on very regular occasions. Our favorite way is in a pot roast. Google rutabaga and see all the ways you can eat this healthy veggie. Raw, boiled, fried, mashed and so on. So, you went a bought one. Now you are staring at it and wondering, "Now what?" They can be stubborn buggers if you don't know how to peel and cut them properly. So here are some pictures to walk you through. The first thing you will notice is that it is covered in wax. This extends the already very lon

3 Ingredient Butterfinger-Pinterest Test

I love Butterfingers. Not only how they taste but how they crunch. When I saw a copycat recipe on Pinterest, I just knew it was on my list of things to try soon. Bonus: Only three ingredients! Sounds even better. I waited until after Halloween to buy candy corn so I didn't have to spend too much if the recipe didn't work. I also bought name brand candy corn just to be safe. The pin in question is this one: Source: via Robins on Pinterest Doesn't that look yummy? It did to me anyway. I could tell the texture wasn't going to be like this pins namesake but I truly love Butterfingers so much I was willing to give it a try. So let's try it out. Gather up: 1 lb. candy corn 16oz jar peanut butter 16oz pkg. chocolate candy coating (I used Hershey's milk chocolate pieces and a teaspoon of shortening.) Pour your one pound of candy into a microwave safe bowl. My bag of candy was more than a pound so I just set the bag on my scale