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Alleviate Congestion With This Simple Meal

I get colds too much. I have my entire life. Not simple colds like normal people get. Mine start out easy then quickly become an infection. Sinus, bronchitis, pneumonia. Yuck!  It's pretty miserable. I don't get sick as often as I used to but when I do there is one simple recipe that can clear you up, even if just for a short time. Whenever we got a sniffle as kids we would get this for dinner. We never complained because we actually liked it. It was simple and effective and easy on our tummies.  I'll tell you why it works after the recipe. Ready? Here it is. Cook some elbow macaroni until tender. Drain. Add some milk. Salt to taste. Black Pepper. As much as you can handle. The key ingredient is pepper. I'm a wimp and can't take much. The more the better so I use just a bit more than I can handle. I'm congested so it's easier to handle. After the first few bites you will notice your congestion starting to loosen up.

Caregivers get sick too.

Monday my husband had oral surgery. That morning I woke up with a scratchy throat. His surgery went well and he was put on 5 days of quarters. (Sick leave.) I will honestly admit I was concerned about his reaction to anesthesia and the fact he had never been put under before. They used propofal and he doesn't even remember going to sleep. That's good. I just didn't know the residual effects of anesthesia on his dementia. Click here to see why. What "normal" people do at this point is go home and rest and take Percocet that the doctor prescribed for pain. Yep. My husband's not normal. He didn't relax or lay down or go to bed. He didn't take his pain medicine. For 55 hours after surgery! By Monday night I knew I was getting sick. I just didn't know what kind of sick or to what degree. I went back in my mind and remember someone sneezing a few days earlier because I said "Bless you." Just about the perfect incubation period. I trie

More Reprisal?

On April 1, 2014 my husband received his monthly counseling. It was a positive counseling. No missed appointments. Right place, right time, right uniform, etc. All true and I work very hard to ensure it stays that way. On April 2, 2014 I walked into the office where Mikey was and he was receiving and amended negative counseling! I read the counseling and it stated that he was being counseled for a "myriad" of issues. His leave was revoked, his profile was revoked and he refused to attend a treatment that was recommended. The next line said that was not an option. Did you catch that? "A treatment was recommended." "It was not an option." Beyond the fact of those contradicting sentences my husband never refused treatment. He put himself into treatment a long time ago. He had a plan. He continues to follow that plan. The treatment he didn't want to go to was a 12 Step program that is religious based. We went to the IOP (Intensive outpatient) progra

Dementia is Complicated, then add the Army

My husband's leaders appear to have this idea that someone with dementia should be sitting in a corner drooling and unable to speak. I actually hate the word dementia. It brings to mind a demented person that you would see in a 60's horror movie. I think the public in general has this misconception. Following are origins and definitions of dementia. I think the last part of the medical definition gets forgotten or ignored when thinking about a person with dementia. Dementia Origin: 1800–10;  < Latin dēmentia  madness, equivalent to dēment-   out of one's mind (see dement) + -ia  noun suffix Dementia definition from medical dictionary: n.  Deterioration of intellectual faculties, such as memory, concentration, and judgment, resulting from an organic disease or a disorder of the brain, and often accompanied by emotional disturbance and personality changes. Once again, a person with dementia is not a psychopath or a person that has no ability to communicate

More shootings.

My heart is with those killed and wounded in the April 2 Fort Hood shootings. It is with all soldiers and families here. Shootings like this do not just affect those immediately involved. It affects the entire community in one way or another.  When a person goes to work they never expect something like this and it can be hard to fathom that this is not the first time.  Our soldiers across the county that are suffering from any type of mental health issue need better treatment. Not just medical treatment but fair treatment from those in Command.  The shooter had a wife and young child that also remain in my thoughts today. Some families are planning funerals, some staying near their injured loved one.  Don't judge the situation, we may never know what really happened. ********************************************************** There has been a great deal of talk about letting our soldiers carry weapons while on post.  This is not a war zone. This is their place of employment. Do al

It trickles down.

I AM raising my voice about the care and treatment that my husband is receiving. I will continue to raise my voice. For whatever reason they want a definitive diagnosis. I'm sorry they will have to wait until he is dead to get it! Progressive dementia regardless of etiology is all basically the same. There may be one or two variables among them or they may be identical. It simply should not matter what TYPE it is. Period!  I cannot tell you how upsetting it is that I keep hearing "they haven't completely ruled out this or that." Ya think? They probably never will until his brain gets sent to Harvard for additional studies after I no longer have him. Hopefully long after he is out of the Army.  Reference the picture above now. See how that works? It is very sad that the one person that does see my husband and who is also a good by the book NCO does what he is told is catching grief for me speaking out for my husband. He is catching grief because I am upset abo