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Prickly Pear Jelly and the Demon Glochid

Prickly pears. I had heard of them, never really knew what they were until Mikey insisted on planting cacti in one of the corners of the back yard. It took a couple years but the cacti got beautiful yellow blooms in the spring and then in the fall where the blooms were these pretty purplish pear shaped things appeared. Well duh! THOSE are prickly pears. Sometimes I'm simply not the brightest.

For a few more years I admired the blooms and the subsequent fruit that emerged. This year there were quite a few pears. Guess it's time to use them. But how and for what? My lawn guy, whom I had recently made pear everything for, asked if I had ever made prickly pear jam. Hmm....okay, now I have something to make.

I did some research and most of the recipes call for a long cook time. I wasn't that devoted and wanted to use Sure-gel. I've never had a jelly recipe to fail by using it and I feel secure with the outcome. Finding a recipe for prickly pear jelly using Sure-gel was a b…