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Marshmallow Spaghetti??

No, no, not this kind.... Sometimes things happen that absolutely MUST be shared with the world. For those of you lucky enough to have ever heard Mikey tell one of his "stupid Mikey stories" will probably be able to imagine him telling this one. For those that haven't heard one of his stories you are missing out! We have been busy lately. Very busy. We have been just eating when we feel like and rarely eat the same thing. Last night Mikey asked for spaghetti for dinner. That was good because there was leftover sauce in the fridge and all I had to do was cook the noodles. Which I did. I left them on the stove for him to eat after he slept for a while. This was mid evening. A short while later I got tired and had a somewhat achy throat. Hot cocoa should do the trick. Hot cocoa with marshmallows even better. Did you know that Kraft makes these cute little containers with the crunchy marshmallows in it? They are fantastic!! Now I can have homemade hot cocoa

Salut! Hello and Goodbye with a Special Cake

We recently had a "Welcome Home" party for one of our friends that had just returned from a tour in Afghanistan. It was also a "Going Away" party for my husband that had recently left the company into a wounded warrior unit.  The thing about this group of soldiers is they LOVE their sweet treats. One of the girls in the unit requested a Reese's cake at the party. I wanted to make sure it was over the top and the recipe I found HERE was fit that bill. I also made cupcakes and a sheet cake to decorate.  I didn't change it too much and clarified the instructions a bit. You need to plan ahead for this one but it is not at all hard to make. By starting the day ahead I had plenty of time to freeze the layers and then put it all together.  There are 4 different recipes so make sure you go through them all to make sure you have all the needed ingredients. I didn't take pictures through the process, but it is really easy to do.  Reese&#

Whipped Laundry Detergent Test

I have been making my own laundry detergent using the same ingredients in the whipped detergent and have been happy with it. The whipped detergent is reportedly better and doesn't use as much. So I decided I would give it a try. You can see the original here from Budget 101. WARNING: If you have lung problems you probably want to wear a mask through the entire process. I didn't and I'm regretting it. I didn't directly breathe in any of the fumes but let's face it, the fumes are in the air when this stuff has to cook for so long. A note regarding using the laundry crystals. These are scent enhancers, not fabric softeners. The original said it was to eliminate the need for softener and I've seen others suggest that too. Just wanted to point out in mine that it is a scent only option. I think next time I will just use lavender oil for scent. What you'll need: 1 bar Fels Naptha, finely grated - No substitutes! 1 cup Borax 1 cup Washing Soda - NOT

No Raise Quick Cinnamon Rolls

Click me to see full sized yumminess. Anyone remember Hardee's? I loved Hardee's and miss them. There are still a few left scattered about the country but they are rare. In our town, Hardee's was a place to hang out in the morning and drink coffee with all your friends. Hardee's had these wonderful fluffy cinnamon rolls that were amazing. Yes, a fast food place actually had something that was THAT good!  I've tried cinnamon rolls from other places and they are no where close to the ones I loved. I've had this idea in my head for a while and now I wished that I had tried it much sooner. I knew that the cinnamon rolls had a biscuit like texture and since I love my buttermilk biscuits so much why not make cinnamon rolls with it? So I finally did. AMAZING! After they were finished I tried one and loved them but I don't like to be the judge of my own food so I had to have Mr. Fussy try them. (He might not like me calling him that, but really he