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Apple Cream Cheese Bundt Cake

I see so many recipes that I want to try. Most get filed away to try later. Every so often one jumps out and says "make me now!" Just seeing this apple cake made my mouth water. I scanned the ingredients and directions and decided to make some changes to simplify it and I'm glad I did. It cut out quite a bit of preparation time and I like to think it made the cake moister.

Here is the original recipe at Jenny Bakes. The original recipe uses fresh apple and spices that were already in my canned filling.

This recipe would be great in the fall during apple harvest or to take to a family get together. It makes a very large cake! The only issue I had is the size of the pan. I've never actually measured my bundt pan and did not buy it new so I really have no idea of it's size. After making this cake I'm guessing it's a 12 cup pan. The recipe calls for a 14 cup pan. I got on Amazon and could not find one that size either. So next time I make this I'm going …