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Chaos Pays A Visit

I might have mentioned on my Facebook page this week something about chaos. I like to be challenged off and on. I also love my ruts. Ruts are good. They are peaceful. There is never anything unexpected in my ruts. I can go long periods of time and never think twice when I'm there. The house is clean. It's quiet. I have plenty of "me" time. I know what is going to happen next and at what time. Occasionally Chaos pays a visit. When Chaos arrives, he doesn't knock quietly and come in for a cup of coffee. He disrupts every single part of my daily life. I need structure. Schedules. Timelines. I need to know what happens next. Chaos doesn't see it that way. Chaos can appear sweet and innocent. Sometimes you just know that chaos will be there and can't stop it. And while this chaos is happening you have everyone around you wondering why you're so stressed. And before it's all over with you feel like this: Soon Chaos will be taki

Pineapple Upside Down Cake

Second Cake Mikey asked me to make a cake for him. That's pretty rare. I told him of course I would. He is not a big fan of chocolate cake and that was all we had in the house. He had a dream about pineapple upside down cake and woke up with a craving. Robin to the rescue! No problem. Except I haven't found the right recipe yet. I went to Betty Crocker and used one of her's with a couple of modifications. I was also happy that I would be able to use my maraschino cherries in something so soon. I had to do some guessing when I made this because I don't actually eat it myself so the taste test only happens when it's too late. When I look at it I imagine most of the appeal is in the caramel that runs down after the cake is turned out of the pan so the first change I usually make is doubling those proportions in the recipe. Pineapple Upside Down Cake 1/2 cup butter or margarine 1 cup packed brown sugar (I used Splenda Brown sugar blend)

Cream Soup - 6 Ways

I love experimenting in the kitchen. Especially if it's something that is going to save me time or money or both. Well okay, this one is probably not a time saver except that I don't have to run to the grocery store to buy it! Money saver, yes. I really don't mind spending a little extra time cooking something if I know what goes into it and it costs less than buying it. Here is the Pinterest idea that got me to thinking about different ways I could make my own soup. Source: via Robin on Pinterest I took that recipe, did some more research and decided I wanted to make 5 types of cream soup. Here is what I came up with. Base recipe: 6 cups instant (dry) milk 2 1/4 cups cornstarch 3/4 cup chicken bouillon granules 6 Tablespoons freeze dried minced onions 1 1/2 teaspoon dried basil 3/4 teaspoon dried thyme 3 teaspoons dried parsley 1 1/2 teaspoon pepper 1 1/2 teaspoon sea salt (optional) Flavors: (more info after the pic

Home Management System Part 1

Home Management System What is it?  It is a binder that contains all your important information and schedules to make your house run a little bit smoother. It is not a tiny dayrunner. This book has everything. The box is portable and keeps you focused. Where do I keep it? In a convenient place for quick reference. Why do I want one? Make your life easier and more efficient. I forget why I stand up much less why I went into a room. If I don't have a written plan it's not going to get done. You might not have that problem but it will still make more efficient use of your time. When do I use it? All the time.  How do I make one? Follow along through this series and learn how to make your own.  There are so many ways to make one, this one works for me. It saves so me so much time because I don’t have to run around looking for numbers, or dates or whatever else I might need to know. I will go through each section and help you set it up. At the same time

Wordless Wednesday-Look Back

Christmas Eve 2011 I said no matter what I would be there with bells on. And I was. Coldest, rainiest day of the year. Our little group. The buses are here! I'm so excited I can hardly contain myself. It is so hard not to run out there. Getting closer. And closer. It's been a LONG year. No better place in the world to be than together. Linking up to: Let Them Eat Cake-Wordless Wednesday

Welcome Wednesday Blog Hop

Blog hops are so much fun. You never know what you are going to find. If you are a reader, browse through the links to see what you can find. If you are a blogger, add your link. (Following all the etiquette rules of course.) This hop comes from Take It From Me-Welcome Wednesday . 

Grandma's Recipes

A good while back my Uncle sent me a handful of my Grandma's old recipes. The goal is to go through the stack and make the recipes and document it. The envelope has been sitting there. Waiting for me. I finally grabbed it and decided now is the time. My Grandma loved recipes. She collected them, just like I do. So many times we collect things that are never used. They are just sitting there gathering dust. I don't know if I will be able to make all the recipes. Some of the things no longer exist but I will do my best. The Taffy Bar recipe as you can see in the picture was very well used. It is a family favorite. Now as I am writing this all I can think of is how good they would be for dessert. Too bad there is cake left to eat. I haven't counted how many recipes there are in the stack. A few, but not too many. This is all that was sent to me, all that could be found. I have already done the Taffy Bars. Next up is Zucchini Ginger Bread. I hope you will follow alon

It's your blog too.

I want to make sure that this blog is also about things you want. I am full of information that I have plans on writing about but it won't do me any good unless you want to read it. I also love interacting with you. Your feedback is always welcome. Sometimes it's hard to interact with someone you don't know. (I know that all too well.) So, here is more about me: In some things I am a perfectionist. In many cases I have OCD. I find organizing things therapeutic. I love to craft but I'm by no means creative. I can take ideas and make them my own, that's about it. I am a problem solver. I believe in food storage and the sense of security it gives me. A clean home is wonderful but not completely necessary. It's better to be organized with dust on the furniture than no speck of dust and not knowing where anything is. I believe that being a homemaker is a very hard job. (Hardest I've ever had!) It is neverending 24/7 with no vacation. (Even if you go on

Grilled Vegetables Italian Style

  Someone commented they would like to see recipes that had eggplant, zucchini and tomatoes in it. I just could not find anything that I wanted to make that used all three at once. I have a friend that used this recipe and told me about it so I am sharing it with you.    I still have to decide what I'm going to do with my veggies. The tomato I'm not worried about. I'm sure the zucchini will become bread. I might just toss the eggplant into the bread too. Grilled Vegetables Italian Style Ingredients Any amount to your liking.  Zucchini Eggplant Peppers Tomatoes Olive Oil Rosemary Thyme Basil Salt Pepper Garlic Balsamic Vinegar Instructions Prepare enough Marinade to Generously cover your veggies. Put your EVOO in a sauce pan. Add salt to taste. Chop 4 cloves garlic in large chunks. Mince Thyme and Rosemary very finely and add only a small amount of rosemary and a bit more thyme. Simmer until the garl

Easiest (And cheapest) Way to Clean Your Microwave

It is amazing how quickly food splatters build up in the microwave. Even if I cover the food, I swear it jumps out from under the cover and bounces around. I have been using this method I think as long as I have owned a microwave. I try to give mine a quick weekly cleaning but sometimes it ends up being longer. I don't know why. It's one of the easiest appliances to clean. And it doesn't take anything special. In fact I bet you have what it takes in your kitchen already. A coffee cup Water Yep, that's it. (Silly me forgot to take a picture of before! And it was NOT a pretty site.) Fill your coffee cup with water. Place it in center of microwave. Close the door. Turn microwave on for two minutes. Leave the cup in there while you are cleaning up the rest of the kitchen. 10-30 minutes should be long enough. If you have a removable tray wash it off in the sink and let it dry. Use your wet dish cloth and just wipe it out. All the stuck on gunk wipes right