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Dutch Apple Pie

Last week I was asked to make a birthday pie for a friend. She gave me several choices for him but said Dutch apple was his favorite. Okay, that works for me. Pie is much easier to make for birthdays than cake and Dutch apple is really easy because I don't have to roll a flaky crust! So, since I am making one for them why not make one for my husband? He didn't mind a bit. His words regarding the crust, "I normally think of crust as something that just holds the pie together but this crust was an explosion of yummy goodness!" That being considered I am going to try a couple of other pies with this crust and see what happens. Pumpkin, peach, blueberry...yeah...soon... Speaking of soon, his retirement is just weeks away! It has been a LONG stressful road but we made it. We picked up his orders on Tuesday and on June 30, 2014 he gets his DD214 and signs out on terminal leave. July 27 he is officially retired from the Army. Okay, on with the pie. Dutch apple p