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An underlying issue?

The Company Commander was back today. Once again at morning formation he pointed out that the person he just escorted home, having died from cancer never asked for anything. He told people that were applying for Social Security Disability (which he referred to as SSI*) are going to regret it when they have to pay it all back. This soldier drove himself to all of his appointments too. That feels like a statement thrown at us because I have to drive my husband so he doesn't get lost or disoriented.

He went on to say that if you go to the Ombudsman you better be telling them the whole story and make darn sure you spell his name right!

Each day it feels more and more like this Commander has some underlying issues that are taking away from him being an effective leader.

I asked our Ombudsman today if she ever felt like we were keeping any information from her. She didn't feel like we had. Personally, I think I've probably overloaded her with too MUCH information.

As far as wher…

Military Rules of Evidence 315 - Searching off post housing

Won't you be glad when I get back to the kitchen? I know I will be! That's not going to happen yet.

This morning our house was searched for the third time by my husbands Squad Leader. As I have said before we have nothing to hide so we let them. What I am fed up with is the harassment by his Chain of Command.

I did some digging just to find out the military legality of what they are doing. I found my answer in the Military Rules of Evidence 313-315. It is really technical and boring. If you want to read it for yourself it can be found here.

I found where someone had asked a similar question to what I'm dealing with and a Military lawyer answered with this: "The commander has no authority to order a search of your home for evidence of a crime. That is because they have no jurisdiction for such an order." Link.

Do I continue to let them search and document each time they do and let the evidence rack up against them or do I go ahead and file an IG complaint? They ar…

Gaining Understanding of the WTU...maybe?

*Warning* This post is being published unedited, poor grammar and all. (Sorry honey.) I want it unedited so it's purely my thinking and not clouded with military correctness.

First I want to say that there are some very good people that work on my husband's care team in the Warrior Transition Brigade.

I will try to explain this from my point of view to give my understanding of how it operates. There are two sides to the WTU. One is medical and one is military. Regardless of the advice from the medical side the Army side has the final say. They can and will do whatever they want.

On the medical side there is a Primary Care physician (that you don't get to chose, you are assigned to.) A nurse case manager and a social worker. Of course the soldier will also have his appointments with his own counselors, Doctors, specialists, etc.

On the military side there are different levels. The main being Company, Battalion and then Brigade. There are more levels but those three seem lik…

Progress for WTU Soldier with Dementia....maybe

I tend to speak in Army acronyms so I am going to try to explain them as I go along from now on.
The WTU or WTB provides command and control, primary care and case management for Soldiers in transition to establish conditions for healing and to promote the timely return to the force or transition to continue serving the Nation as a Veteran in their community.

Now, on to the updates.

My husband's nurse case manager spoke up for us to keep him off EMMO since I take care of all of his medications. I'm assuming her taking a stand worked because he has not been notified that he has to start it. *EMMO is Education Medication Management and I have no idea what the O is. It means a soldier has to go to the pharmacy every day to pick up a days supply of mediation. Tell the person what they are and why they are taking them.

I met with the Brigade Commander yesterday and gave him all the evidence and supporting documents. I feel the meeting went very well. I was told I would start gettin…

Mikey's Wisdom and Wit

As Mikey shares his wisdom and wit I am going to post them here. These are such special treasures.

March 21, 2014: Impending doom (insert dramatic music here) sucks but life without living sucks more. Stop and smell the damn roses. Compliment a clerk on her hair or nails. Learn to play guitar and write a song about dog farts. Take an epileptic friend to church and see if a revival breaks out. Send a trophy to every child you know that says how awesome they are. (Google it, trophies are not expensive.) If you go to a big church that doesn't need your money then use that 10% at the grocery store, you can pay your tithes at the shelter. If you're a racist like me then make a commitment not to pass that foolishness on to the next generation. Your life will never be complete until you've sung at least 1 karaoke song. Fly a Ugandan or Albanian flag at your house just to confuse your neighbors. Adopt something. Take a nap when you need one. In fact I think I zzzzzzzzzzzz

March 19, …

Soldier with dementia punished for doing the right thing?

Anyone that's familiar with my blog knows that my husband, an active duty Army Soldier, has health issues. The issue is progressive Dementia. Let me add that Dementia is a symptom of a disease such as; Alzheimer's, Frontotemporal, Lewy Body, Vascular, Huntington's disease, etc. It is not about misplacing keys or forgetting things. Yes, those things happen often enough but it's much more. Unless you live and care for someone that has dementia there is no way to comprehend the realities of it. I lost both my maternal and paternal grandmothers to Alzheimer's disease. I had absolutely no idea what it must have been like for those closest to them at the time. Every person with dementia presents in a unique manner. Each type of this disease is different. One thing I'm grateful for is that with my husband there are still many good moments, especially late morning and early afternoons.

There is no way to determine the cause of Dementia until an autopsy is performed. D…