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Mind **blown** WHY?

Mind **blown** WHY?
I am looking for a specific record in Mikey's medical history. I have thousands of pages that I have to go through. (On the chronological sheet there are records missing for almost 2 years...the ones I need too!) Anyway, I saw something that has me so upset and dumbfounded that I don't know what to do.

Yes, I suspected for a long time before his diagnosis that he had dementia. So did he. What I learned tonight reading his records was so did one of his doctors! ONE YEAR BEFORE A REFERRAL TO NEUROLOGY!! One freaking year!!! Why was this not addressed then? So much of this nightmare might never had taken place had they given him the referral then! Take a look for yourself. (I blocked out most of the page as it was a counseling session but he did give me permission to show this.)

This Doctor mentions Huntington's disease. That IS a form of dementia. It is also one that the second neurologist ruled out. But if he suspected it ONE YEAR AGO why didn't he d…

Well played Army....

As previously stated we applied for SCAADL in December 2013. It was a long drawn out process, getting denied, appealing and getting a final denial that was based on lies and omitted information.

I went as high as I could and got as loud as I could about the lies and pertinent medical information that was not disclosed. My husband was given another appointment to apply for SCAADL but not at Fort Hood. We went to San Antonio on July 18, 2014.

Seven months after we applied the first time. The Doctors he saw there found him to be eligible at Tier 3 which is high dependence. They both stated they couldn't understand why he was ever denied to begin with.

If he had been approved the first time through he would have been paid back to December when the original application was made. Because of the lies and omissions that application received a final denial.

That means that when we went to San Antonio his application started July 18, 2014. Nine days before his retirement date. They will not …