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My Follow-up on Injured Heroes, Broken Promises

NBC 5 Dallas and Dallas News team did a great job of investigating. Eva Parks, Scott Friedman, Peter Hull, David Tarrant and Vernon Bryant. Thank you all for your compassionate and detailed investigation. I met four of them personally and one via messaging. They are all wonderful, caring people. I hope to meet the fifth soon.

Anyone that can get Mikey to come out of his safe zone gets an extra star in my book. The night that Vernon (Dallas photographer) was here he wasn't going to come out. But he did. It turned into one of the best nights we had had in a very long time. Mikey is funny. I mean really funny. Vernon took the joking and threw it back. Yes, it was a very good night. It was so nice to see the Mikey I remember so well even if it was for a short time. Scott, David and Peter all put us at ease so quickly. It was truly easy to forget that they were doing an interview. We gave them our full trust.

Alright, personal stuff aside. I am so angry at the unwillingness of the lead…