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Pink Flamingos and Lewy Body Dementia

Creator of pink plastic lawn flamingo dies at 79 BOSTON (AP) — The creator of the pink plastic lawn flamingo, the ultimate symbol of American lawn kitsch, has died. Donald Featherstone was 79. Featherstone’s wife, Nancy, told The Associated Press on Tuesday that her husband died Monday at an elder care facility in Fitchburg, Massachusetts, after a long battle with Lewy body dementia. June 23, 2015. That was story that showed up in my Facebook newsfeed. I clicked to read it because pink flamingos are very symbolic to me. They mean "I made it safely." So why would pink flamingo's mean that? I promised a while ago I would tell you and after seeing the creator of the pink flamingo passed away from the same disease that took Mikey I figured it would be a good time. Before I do I think that the pink flamingo should officially become the symbol to raise awareness for Lewy Body Dementia.  When Mikey was deployed in 2011 he went on missions between COB Adder and