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Open letter to President Trump

Dear Mr. President; My husband came back from his second tour in Iraq. Within a few short months I knew something was terribly wrong. His command used every excuse they could other than he was truly ill. After begging for a year he got a referral to neurology. After one test he was diagnosed with dementia. Later to be determined that it was Lewy Body Dementia. The doctor put him on profile, command rejected it. Not once but many times. He was repeatedly punished, his rank was stripped from him, sentenced time and again to 45 days of extra duty. This is 18 hour days, 7 days a week. (Stress makes dementia worse.) I finally got him medically retired in August 2014. February 4, 2015, not quite six months since his retirement I received a phone call that his treatment had sparked an Army wide internal investigation. They tried to talk to him but by now he was incapable of complete conversations. February 8, 2015 my husband, the man his command refused to believe was gravely sick, died. N