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A Flawed System - Army Suicide

Fighting A Broken System

PTSD and Substance Abuse Research

Points of Concern for Soldiers

Soldiers with PTSD and the Broken System 

The More You Cry the Less You Gotta Pee

Soldier With Dementia Punished For Doing the Right Thing

Progress for WTU Soldier With Dementia...Maybe

Gaining Understanding of the WTU. Maybe?

Military Rules of Evidence - Searching Off Post Housing

An Underlying Issue?

It Trickles Down

Dementia Is Complicated. Then Add the Army. 

More Reprisal

Caregivers Get Sick Too

Lies at Fort Hood WTU or SCAADL, Don't Bother

Feeling Loss. A Look Back

Well Played, Army

Mind **Blown.** Why?

The Warrior Spouse

What Outside Doctors Saw

Shouldn't It Get Better and I Want to Go Home

My Follow Up On "Injured Heroes, Broken Promises"

Anticipatory Grief - I Have It

SCAADL - Battle Won and Thank You's

Helping Someone Who Is Helping Someone

Our Bio

One Wish

A Start or A Smoke Screen? 

Why do soldiers matter so little to America?

Waiting for Death

Mikey Howard Obituary


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